Dedicated Pastors

We work with the highest ranked charity in Andhra Pradesh, India.  In partnership with a large group of pastors called the Sylom Pastor’s League, this organization completes the physical work of rescuing and caring for the children.  These individuals are dedicated to ending child slavery in India and have rescued over 26,000 children from slavery. More than 14,000 of those children have been reunited with the families they were kidnapped from.

The work of these brave men and women is even more incredible and challenging than it sounds.  In India, being a Christian means that you are at risk of being targeted by the RSS, a group of radicals who want to end Christianity.  These individuals are ruthless. They kill, torture, and brutally injure Christians who spread the gospel. Last year, over 200 of the pastors were martyred for their cause.

The danger for these pastors is real, but regardless, they work tirelessly to bring freedom, family, and a future to children who were once slaves in India.

Praveen Chakravarthy

A third generation Indian pastor, Praveen Chakravarthy serves as the leader of the Sylom Pastor’s League, and is our main contact in India.  His calling in life is evangelism, and for over a decade, his work in that has included rescuing children from slavery. Praveen is a warrior against injustice and works with his fellow pastors to raise the children to become Christian leaders as well as successful and independent adults.

Our partnership with Praveen and the pastors in India allows us to provide support for up to 2,000 children at the main children’s home in Kakinada India.  Want to learn more about what 100% of your support does?