Ways to Give



Make checks payable to Child Freedom Coalition.  If you would like to designate your gift to vocational training, education, or any other area, please note that in the memo of your check.

Give Stock

We gladly accept stock donations.  For more information on this form of giving, please contact us at miller@childfreedom.org


We accept gifts-in-kind that we deem useful to our mission and reserve the right to refuse any gift-in-kind we determine not to be useful.  Shipping rates to India are generally very high, therefore gifts intended to be sent overseas are often not worth the cost.  Cars, homes, boats, property, etc should all be sold by the donor rather than given directly because the taxes involved clash with our 100% Model. For more information, contact us at miller@childfreedom.org

Child Freedom Coalition, P.O. Box 26625, Greenville, SC 29616


You can always give online using our secure giving form. Click “Donate Now” to begin giving.