Join the fight to end child slavery.
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Our Promise

Every penny you donate to CFC provides care, education, vocational training, and more to children rescued from slavery.

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We would close our doors before we stopped giving 100%.
100% model

How does the 100% model work?

In giving 100% of every public donation to the field, we work hard to ensure that we don’t miss a thing.  We pay back credit card fees and even use two entirely different bank accounts (at two different banks) to separate our Child Freedom Coalition account from our Operations account.  Our operating expenses are covered by a small group of private donors and businesses who believe in the 100% Model and our team. It’s never been easy to maintain this approach, but we believe in the transparency of this ministry.

Our 100% Model relies on a small group of private donors that we call The 100% Fund.
our donors

From flights to staff salaries, copy paper to credit card fees, and office rent to graphic design, all of our overhead costs are funded by the visionary donors who make up The 100% Fund.  Members often commit to multiple years of support which helps us plan and vision-cast for our future. These partners are some of our most dedicated and passionate supporters. They fight for child freedom and the long-term success of rescued children with more than just money.  Many travel to the Children’s Home in India, host events to share our work, and intercede for us in prayer every day. They are the lifeblood of this organization.