We know that our ability to bring in support for the children rides on us working well together.  While each staff member has his or her own specialty, every one of us makes the others more successful at their job. We believe in each other and that’s why we succeed as a team.

David Moorhead: CEO

David is a team-builder, a story-teller, and the driving force of our team.  His life was changed after his first trip to India in 2012, and God called he and his family into a new season. He was so moved by Praveen’s work with the rescued children that he left his 20-year career in mortgage banking to help support it.  He and his father started Set Free Alliance within two months of that trip and raised millions of dollars in support. In 2019, they started CFC with the vision of fully caring for the children at the Children’s Home in Kakinada.

David leads and inspires our team to make a difference every day. He keeps our team, focused, on track, and is a constant source of vision and drive.  While David is an incredible leader to our team, he comes alive when he travels to India to see the children and Praveen. He’s been to India over 25 times and considers it a privilege and honor to serve  with Praveen and his pastors.

David’s not in the office or traveling around the world, he loves to spend time at home in Houston, Texas with his wife Marcy, and two children Lauren and Kyle.  You can find David driving his motorcycle on a nice day, taking his dog, Bandit on walks, and keeping up with sports.

Marcy Moorhead.jpg

Marcy Moorhead: Donor Engagement

Our main goal here at Child Freedom Coalition is to change the lives of children who have been rescued from slavery in India, but it’s also important to us that we develop real relationships with the people who make that happen (You! Our donors!).  Marcy works hard to make sure our supporters know how loved, valued, and appreciated they are.

Born and raised in Lexington, Texas, Marcy has always loved making new friends and building meaningful relationships. Her favorite part of working at Child Freedom Coalition is having the ability to make a difference in a child’s life who doesn’t have a voice and getting to stay engaged with the people that partner with us.  She says “it’s a journey that we experience together.”

In getting her BBA from Texas A&M University, Marcy discovered her love and skill for building relationships. She’s an incredible encourager and never misses a chance to make people feel special. When she’s not meeting with donors, Marcy loves spending time with her husband David (AKA our CEO) and their two kids Lauren and Kyle, grilling out, keeping up with Aggie sports, traveling to the beach, taking naps, and drinking Diet Coke.  Weird quirk that we all love, but can’t quite understand: Marcy loves combining bubble gum with mint gum.


David Miller: Operations

Making the process of supporting the children easy is incredibly important to us at Child Freedom Coalition, and David (or “Miller” as we call him around the office) is the one who makes that possible.  On top of streamlining the giving process, Miller is an incredible connector, is always providing insight and new vision to our marketing endeavors, and is the creative spark of our team.

A Greenville, SC local, David received his bachelors in Humanities from Bob Jones University and his masters in Biblical Social Justice from Kilns College, and turned his passion into a position.  His favorite part of his job at Child Freedom Coalition is getting to use his creativity, share the knowledge he’s learned from experience (+ LOTS of reading), and live out his passion of helping the orphan.  

When Miller’s  not working, he’s drinking coffee, cheering on his favorite soccer team, reading any and all interesting books, playing soccer, and going on hikes with his wife Hattie and two boys, Archie and Polo.  

Audrey Lovetro.jpeg

Audrey Lovetro: Communications/Marketing

Audrey is our planner of the group.  She works hard to make sure that our social media, donor letters, design work, and everything else for that matter look fantastic and give our donors all of the information they need.

During her time at Anderson University (the one in SC, not IN), Audrey discovered a love for organizing, planning, and executing projects.  She loves that her job at Child Freedom Coalition gives her a platform to make a difference in the lives of abused children through comms and marketing every day.  

Audrey has lived in Greenville, SC for 3 years now, and pretty much considers it home.  In her free time, Audrey enjoys spending time with her best friend and husband, Vince. Together, they flip houses in the upstate, lead worship at their church, and raise two beautiful dogs, Kona and Willow.