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We've all been there.

You're in the grocery store with your child and suddenly they've wandered off. Your pulse goes through the roof, tears immediately fill your eyes, and you frantically run from aisle to aisle trying to find them.

You're imagining the worst possible outcome and praying that they're just around the corner. Then you hear it - that panicked cry from your child. You rush to the noise, pick them up and hug them tightly.

Losing a child is every parents greatest nightmare. But what happens if you're separated for good?

In a world of detectives, AMBER alerts, and modern technology it’s hard for us to imagine a child never finding their way home.  We’ve seen it happen in the news, but rarely do we think it could happen to us.

However, in rural India there are no detectives, AMBER alerts, or modern technology to help find lost and kidnapped children. 

 Millions of children in India are kidnapped, tricked, and forced into slavery.  And too often, their parents become untraceable, having moved from the only village they’ve ever known out of desperation to feed their family or find their missing children. 

This leaves their missing child completely detached from family - not quite an orphan, but not quite a son or daughter.

When these children are rescued out of slavery, they are craving family connection.  Some have the gift of finding their families again, but many stay in the Sylom Children’s Home in Andhra Pradesh, India long term. At their new home, these children are immediately adopted into a family of former slave children, pastors, and loving caretakers.  They gain brothers and sisters who have been through similar abuse and are able to heal, grow, laugh, and find freedom together.  

This family connection is absolutely vital to the rescued children’s success and survival.  Anti-trafficking efforts worldwide report an extremely high rate of suicide that can follow leaving a care home.  By developing family ties, our children graduate with a spiritual and physical support network that defies the norm.

That’s what your support does.

You’re helping these children regain the childhood that was stolen from them.  

You’re bringing them more than just physical liberation - you’re bringing them full lives through family.

We believe that family isn’t just by blood, because we’ve seen the beautiful family that these rescued children have in each other.

Together they encounter God, discover purpose, and lean how deeply valued and loved they are.  Together, they enter into a safe environment where they grow and heal. 

Together, they find family.