When we meet people, one of the first things everyone wants to know is why we’ve set our focus so heavily on India.  It’s true - there’s a world full of hurting people in the United States and around the world, so why India?  

The short answer is: because God asked us to. 

The longer answer is this: we believe that when people respond to God’s call on their life, that their obedience creates incredible progress. When we heard about the slavery epidemic in India and saw it with our own eyes, we knew that God was calling us to help the people there.

⅓ of the world’s poorest people live in India.

¼ of the world’s hungry live in India.

More than 8 million people are slaves in India. 

The need in India is nearly impossible to imagine, and that’s why God called us there.  Millions of the people enslaved in India are children who were born, forced, and sold into slavery in rock quarries, sex trafficking, brick-making, and every other form of slavery possible.

And it’s more than just numbers and statistics.

It’s families who have been torn apart by generational poverty and abuse. It’s fathers and mothers who take out small loans to keep their children alive and are taken advantage of by loan sharks.  It’s children who are kidnapped from outside their huts while their parents work for 12 hours in the fields. 

It’s violence.  It’s torment. It’s unimaginable abuse.  

Anywhere there is slavery, it is a tragedy, but we’ve seen it running rampant in India and that’s why we’ve chosen to fight the injustice there.  We’ve been inspired by the lives of men and women in India who risk their lives to care for the “least of these” and by the stories of children who’s lives have been transformed.

We could tell countless gruesome stories and talk about the harsh reality that so many poor children in India face every day. And we really do believe that it’s important for you to understand those things.  

However, we care a lot more about hope.

 We care a lot more about telling you about what you are really making possible.  

Bringing children out of physical slavery is the first step, but their journey only starts there.  Freedom can’t be found in a day. And that’s where you come in. Your support helps children shake off the shackles of slavery that stay in their minds even after rescue.  The deep trauma and suffering that these rescued children have been through has changed the way they think. It’s forced their minds to think like slaves, and changing that takes time. 

But, somehow, despite the challenges, it’s happening.

We’re seeing God radically change lives. The rescued children are beginning to step into their physical freedom because God is choosing to work through people. He’s moving through those who have dedicated their lives to help these children in India and he’s moving through you.

You’re giving these children the environment, love, and encouragement they need to let God’s healing come in and to break free. We know that full freedom takes time - it can’t happen in a day. But because of you, freedom starts here - it starts now.

And freedom? It changes everything.

Want to be a part of what God is doing in India? You can give by clicking the Donate Now button at the top right of this page, but even more importantly you can pray with us:

  1. Pray for those who are still living in slavery

  2. Pray for the endurance and safety of those who are living in India and fighting against child slavery every day.

Audrey LovetroComment